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The Pet Groomer Blog

The Pet Groomer Blog

How to Become a Dog Groomer

How to Become a Dog Groomer

Find out the 4 things you MUST KNOW if you plan to become a dog groomer and have a great career! Read More

Where Dog Groomers Work

Where Dog Groomers Work

As a groomer you will have many different options when it comes to where you can work. Read More

Dog Groomer Salary

Dog Groomer Salary

Are the salary websites all WRONG? Find out how much most groomers really make... Read More

Dog Grooming Business

Opening a Dog Grooming Business

Open your own successful dog grooming business! Read More

Life of a Dog Groomer

A Day in the Life of a Dog Groomer

See what it's like working as a dog groomer for a day... Read More

Dog Grooming License

Do You Need a Dog Grooming License?

Do you need a dog grooming license to be a groomer? Find out in this post... Read More

Dog Grooming Equipment

What Kind of Dog Grooming Equipment Do You Need?

What kind of dog grooming equipment do you need, and how much does all of it cost? Read More

The Positives of Dog Grooming

The Positives of Dog Grooming

As a groomer you will get to experience many, many positive things! Read More

Dog Grooming Jobs

Why Most Dog Groomers Will Always Have a Job

Once you become a groomer it's unlikely that you won't be able to find work, and here's why... Read More


Top 10 Most Common Dog Breeds I See In My Grooming Salon

In this post I share the top 10 most common dog breeds I see in my grooming salon.... Read More


The Truth About Dog Grooming Courses

Are dog grooming courses any good? Find out the truth about all the different courses out there... Read More

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