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The truth about dog grooming courses...

The truth about dog grooming courses

Every day I receive messages from people asking me to recommend a dog grooming course. It seems that most of these people looking into dog grooming courses are looking for online courses.

There are many different types of grooming courses. Search in Google or your favorite search engine, and you will see tons of grooming courses in the search results.

You will also see tons of advertisements for different courses, both online and offline. In this post, I’m going to give you the low-down on the truth about using these courses to become a dog groomer.

Online vs Offline

Online Grooming Courses

As the years go by, more and more online pet grooming courses seem to pop up. These courses are completed online using the internet, and usually involve reviewing common grooming information and watching a few grooming videos.

The companies that offer these courses will usually tell you that after you complete the online course, you will be a “certified” groomer. What this means is that they will give you a “certificate” for completing the course.

What they probably won’t tell you, however, is that this certificate is absolutely meaningless.

Many people think that these certificates are a license to be a dog groomer, but as I discuss in this post about getting a dog grooming license, you most likely don’t need a license to be a groomer.

Many people seem to think they can sign up for an online course, hand over their credit card number, and in a few weeks have the skills and knowledge to begin their grooming career.

Here’s the truth: It just doesn’t work that way...

Most online courses have no way of offering you hands-on training, and the fact is you will never be able to become a skilled, well-paid groomer without this vital training.

While some online courses do offer hands-on training, most don’t, and there are better ways to get the training you need anyway.

Most of these online grooming courses cost hundreds of dollars, and some are even more expensive than that.

I’ve been a professional groomer for nearly two decades, and in my opinion online training courses are a waste of money.

Offline Grooming Courses

What do I mean by “Offline Courses”? An offline training course is training offered by an individual grooming instructor, or a licensed dog grooming school.

This type of training is given at a real, physical location, and you will learn from the instructor(s) in person, not online.

Many dog grooming schools are very expensive, and some charge over $10,000 for 6 to 8 weeks of training.

However, if you have to choose between an offline course and an online course, I can almost guarantee you that the offline course will be your best bet.

An offline grooming school will be able to offer you real, hands-on training, which is crucial while learning how to groom.

BUT, you can’t just choose any grooming school. There are some very important steps you need to follow to choose the best school.

If you don’t follow these steps you WILL waste your time, and a lot of your money as well.

Certified Master Groomer

Many top-rated grooming academies have instructors who are Certified Master Groomers.

Here’s the truth: It isn’t always necessary to find an instructor or instructors who hold Master Groomer Certification. There are really great groomers who are certified, and there are really great groomers who are NOT certified.

Don’t think that an online school will be good just because the website says that the instructors are Certified Master Groomers.

Likewise, when you’re choosing an offline grooming school, you shouldn’t choose a particular school just because the instructor(s) is a Master Groomer.

Don’t let yourself be ripped off

Both online and offline dog grooming courses should never be your first choice when it comes to training, because there are much better ways to train to become a groomer.

I thoroughly discuss these issues in my book, The Pet Groomer, so you will know exactly how to find the absolute BEST training for free, and how you can begin within one week while getting paid while you train.

I will show you EXACTLY how to get the BEST training for free, AND instead of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars, you will actually make money while you are training.

In as little as one week you could be training to become a groomer AND making money at the same time.

I’ve put together a simple guide that you can use. This is not some online training course, and I’m not out to rip you off like so many companies that offer online courses.

Once you see my methods that show you how to get the best training, you will see why both online and offline training courses shouldn't be your first choice.

I made The Pet Groomer to help you begin your career the right way...

"I recently finished grooming school. I paid $8,000 for the school! I wish I’d have found your site before I went!"

- Lorie D.

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