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The positives of dog grooming

The positives of dog grooming

There are many, many great aspects when it comes to being a groomer. For me personally, the greatest thing is being around animals all day.

I absolutely LOVE animals, especially all of my furry clients. These animals are not just pets, they’re like my family and I love each and every one of them!

In this post I’m going to share all of the wonderful things you will get to experience if you choose to become a groomer.

These positive aspects should put a big smile on your face if you’re an animal lover like me!

By the time you’re finished reading this post I think you’ll probably agree that being a pet groomer is a lot better than not being a pet groomer!

You will get to truly connect with animals

Being able to spend so much time with the animals you care for is one of the best aspects of being a groomer. And being around your furry clients will allow you to truly connect with them.

Seeing the smiling faces and the wagging tails, and hearing all those happy barks is what makes me practically jump out of bed some mornings. Seriously, some days I can’t wait to get to my salon and see all of my furry friends!

Spending your days with animals can be very therapeutic. I couldn’t imagine myself in another job setting because I couldn’t imagine myself without all of my furry friends.

If you’ve never spent much time around many different types of animals, it will be a joy for you, and it will definitely change you.

Truly connecting with animals is one of the greatest experiences you can have as a dog groomer.

You will connect with people on a different level

Another one of my favorite experiences as a groomer is seeing the beaming smile on a pet owner’s face when they see their pet after he or she is clean and happy.

You see, as a groomer you’re not just delivering a customer’s meal, or washing a customer’s car, or preparing a client’s taxes—you’re taking care of one of their family members.

People will truly love you for taking care of their pets, and they will let you know how much they appreciate your services. Sometimes clients will even cry because of how happy your work makes them!

Sure, you will have a bad experience with a client every once in awhile, but for the most part your clients will love the fact that you make their pets so happy.

Pet grooming will allow you to connect with strangers probably more than you ever have, and that is a feeling that’s difficult to describe with words.

You will always have a job

Once you are properly trained and have some experience under your belt, you will always have a job as a pet groomer.

There are thousands and thousands of grooming salons all over the world, and that, of course, means there are thousands of grooming jobs available at nearly any given time.

You can even travel to other countries and work as a pet groomer if you want. Imagine living and working in Spain or Greece, or one of the many other wonderful countries as a pet groomer! There really aren’t many high-paying careers that can offer this kind of opportunity.

Pet groomers are not as common as you might think, and good pet groomers are even less common and harder to find. Because of this, most well-established salons are always looking for good groomers.

And if the salon is properly managed, the owner will pay you well for your skills.

You can make excellent money

As I discussed in my post The Salary of a Dog Groomer, you can have a high-paying career in this industry.

I don’t care what anyone else says (including other groomers) or what the salary websites say. The fact is, you CAN make good money as a pet groomer IF you know how.

If you either work for yourself or work for a properly-managed salon, you should be able to groom at least 8 dogs per day. Now, you have to understand that is an average.

Certain large breeds take longer and you might not be able to groom as many in one day, but certain small breeds might not take that long and you might be able to groom even more than 8 in one day.

So, let’s do some simple math, and if you hate math like I do, I promise it won’t take long! I’m going to use a very conservative average of $45 as the cost of each groom.

The amount of money charged for grooms will vary depending on where you’re located. In my salon for example, all of the grooms we perform on small dogs are around $45, but some cost well over $100.

8 (dogs per day) x $45 (cost per groom) = $360 per day

If you work for yourself, most of that money will go into your pocket, depending on your expenses. For this example, let’s say you get to keep 85% of that money, and that 15% will go towards your expenses.

That means you will pocket $306 a day. If you work 5 days a week, that’s $1,530 a week, which is around $79,500 a year.

In my salon, all of my groomers make anywhere from $1,200 (on the low side) to $1,500 each week, and some weeks they make even more than that.

If you work for a properly-managed salon, usually you will keep half the money you earn, which in this example would be around $50,000 a year.

It’s important that you understand that I’ve used a very basic example, and you can make more money or less money than the figures seen here.

You can open your own business

Becoming a groomer will open many doors for you, because there are so many different positions in the career. But the best opportunity is being able to open your own business.

I discuss opening your own grooming business in more detail in this post.

Once you know how, you can open your own pet grooming business with very little cost. A grooming business is also one of the easiest businesses you can open.

I opened my first grooming business for just $3,000, and I made over $40,000 in the first year alone.

When I first began, I worked by myself with a single bathing tub, one makeshift grooming table, and some other very basic equipment. You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars like you will if you try to open most other types of businesses.

Even though you don’t have to open a grooming business to have a good career, setting up your own salon can really allow you to maximize your income.

You will be a highlight in your community

If you walked into my salon right now and looked at the shelf mounted on the wall behind the front counter, you’d see a peculiar assortment of items: a homemade pecan pie, a homemade cherry cobbler, a bag of Doritos (Cool Ranch of course, what other kind is there!?), and a huge Ziploc bag full of homemade cookies.

Every single week I receive various goodies like these from all of my wonderful clients!

I’ve even had clients give me and my staff gift cards to restaurants, movie tickets, tickets to sporting events, and much, much more.

I’m even recognized on the street almost every time I go out. Even though I live near a pretty big city, it’s very rare that at least one or two people don’t stop me to say Hi! when I’m out and about.

People appreciate business owners who provide valuable services, and if you choose to open your own salon and you take care of your clients, I’m sure you will get to experience these wonderful benefits just like me and my staff!

You will have the freedom to make your own schedule

Have you ever asked for time off at your job and been denied? I know plenty of my friends have that problem all the time!

If you become a groomer and work in a salon that allows you to schedule your own clients, you don’t have to worry about adjusting your schedule around your job.

You have even more freedom to make your own schedule if you decide to work for yourself as a groomer.

Sure, just because you can make your own schedule doesn’t mean you can just decide not to get up in the morning. After all, your clients who have appointments scheduled would definitely not like that!

But you will have much more flexibility as far as working or not working whenever you want, and that’s definitely a GREAT benefit you can enjoy if you choose this career.

I usually take at least a month off every year, and some years I take even more time off than that!

Let me show you how to enjoy all of these great benefits!

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